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18 April, 2006, 11:46 am
Filed under: Easter, Music

Am playing Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten in my car these few days (alternated with James Blunt; just because he was in Sydney :razz:) and she's pretty agro I must say. SokLeng asked, "Is this Pink?". Hehe. Natasha sounds like Pink but looks a bit like Sheryl Crow (?). But her "Unwritten" album cover got her looking a lot like just-another-blonde. But anyway, bottomline is, she attends Hillsong London. :smile:.

Ahhh… haven't been blogging for the whole week. Been so busy with assignments and Easter and all to be sitting in front of the computer and surfing the net, etc etc. It is true, you blog more when exams are near haha. But ah well, Easter was great! We had Rebecca St. James over from the States (she insists she's born n bred a Sydneysider though) but she wasn't as good as I thought she would be. Her heart was in the right place, definitely and she's pretty strong on moral values, purity and stuff like that, which is awesome! But I don't think the sound system at the Darling Harbour Convention Centre did her justice. Pales in comparison with even our own church system I think. Then again, the room we had in the Convention Centre seats 3,500 people. But oh well…

I think lunch is beckoning. Thai again… :sad:. And if you're in Australia, check this 6% interest rate Internet account out from BankWest.

Till next time!
God bless!


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Hey hey! This template is .. quite weird la. HAha.


Comment by DavidLee

mmm? how so ar?
explain explain! 🙂

Comment by K.Lo

mm… maybe it’s my browser. This .. textbox doesn’t have a right border. It’s past the .. border. Hmm.. don’t know la. This theme is weird. There are so man y other nicer ones. Try Regulus. It has .. it’s own theme editor .. in which .. you have … quite a bit of options to choose from .. even within the theme. Check it out!


Comment by DavidLee

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