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19 April, 2006, 1:03 pm
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What do you expect from people?
What do people expect from you?

Sometimes I wish I had telepathic powers and tell people what's going in my mind 24/7. People like my connect group members and my friends and my parents and my sister and my other relatives. I guess I always had trouble communicating my thoughts to people through speech and that's why I like to write ever since I was young. I find it so hard to tell people, in a way that they would understand, through short (SMSes are a tragedy) conversations and emails.

I'm in a dilemma these days. I want to get the message through in as few words as possible but I realise the err in that and I end up overcompensating with a thousand word email. Where do we draw the balance in the swirling world around us? Blogging maybe?

Then of course there is the fault of the hearer of the message. I find that when I talk to smart and intelligible people, they understand me. They can fill in the blanks themselves and take out the extra themselves. They compact and filter my words… read between the lines so to speak.

But in life, there are different layers of people. Not to brag or anything but to make you, the reader, understand; I've been in the best classes in school ever since I was primary 1 and I realise that when Uni and real life hits, not everyone is the sharpest tool in the shed.

Which brings me back to my dilemma. When people don't understand or can't read me. Is it my fault for not considering them more? Or is it their fault for not making their doubts clear?

Ah well… I guess here's one thing I get to work on. Woo-Huh!

God bless!


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this layout is better, simple and clear. keep it up!

Comment by speearr

thanx mate!

Comment by K.Lo

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