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Before dawn…
21 April, 2006, 12:49 pm
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I woke up before dawn today. The moon was still glistening. I saw a single star shining brightly as I stood in the cold. I took out my jumper and put it on. I still felt cold. I saw a man approach from the other side of the street. He was staggering…

Then my bus came and I boarded. :razz:.

I reached the city at 5.15am. Looked around the corner and saw my workmate. We sat in the cold (not so cold now) and chatted for a bit. Found out she's engaged and all. Her cigarette smoke smothers me. It was a north-bound wind.

The sun came out at 6.30 and the store was severely heated up by 7.30am. I went through the motions and time passed. I forewent my 30 minute break. I started to get hungry. I served customers. The time came. I went.

Maybe I should take a nap. Last night was spent sleepless. I dreamnt I was a pastor. And other things as well… :razz:.

Till next time my furry friends!
God bless!



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