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Criminals vs. victims!
26 April, 2006, 9:26 pm
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My blood just boils when I hear stories like this. The guy was just protecting his home from an intruder but gets a slap in the face from the court instead; charged with assault! So what now? We have to invite the thief out of our home? I heard about the story where the thief got compensation because he broke his leg breaking into someone's home too. What justice is this? Can anyone change this?

And a friend of mine just started work at a retail store last week. So she gets briefed and all about the job right? So apparently you can't touch the person/people that you suspect stealing from the store! And you need to approach them ONLY after they have exited the store… And as if thats not bad enough, all you can do is verbally ask them to show their bags or lift their clothing (to reveal the stolen goods). And apparently she's not allowed to run after them too! 

This is just crazy. The police even tells the public to just give their belongings to criminals when faced with a robbery/mugging. Do not attempt to fight/run after them/etc… WHAT ON EARTH?!?!?!?!?

They still gonna beat you up after you give them your belongings… so IF (and only IF) you're going down, why not bring them along for the ride I say! 

I was thinking of setting up a movement here in Sydney. Especially the Chippendale area, if you're in Sydney, you would know where I'm talking about. The police seem to know its a freaking dangerous area but are powerless to do anything about it. I think its because those who live in Chippendale are mostly short-term residents, Uni students, young working adults, the sort. I've heard of so many, countless, stories of people getting assaulted and robbed in that area. And where are the police?!?!?

Sigh… anyway… the winter months are coming and I think things will only tone down from now on… But to every single person out there… Stay safe and note of the day, let criminals stand over you… the police said so… 😛

God bless!


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issit malaysia much better 🙂

Comment by nicktay

yeah… at least we can force nude squats on people!

i guess Malaysia is better that way… people like us won’t really get robbed… the criminals usually go for the dumb (read lonely dark alley) or super rich (read KFC owner) right?

true isn’t it? 😛

Comment by lomantik

interesting blog!

Comment by trevino

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