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Hillsong Hillsong!!!
3 May, 2006, 1:06 am
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Well, my 1500-word feature writing assignment is on Hillsong! Did some research with Factiva (you know those newspaper flipping libraries you see on TV? This is the digital version! You have access to every single piece of English news in every single continent!) and found out that The Australian, a newspaper based somewhere in Australia (Melbourne I think, but feel free to correct me), has like a personal vendetta against Hillsong church! Man… And to think that all niches of the media hates Hillsong. How naive of me… hehe Checked out other articles about Hillsong church on other newspapers and they seem to be neutral. Only the ones that come out from The Australian seems to be so, so, oh so negative. They don't understand the things that are coming out of this God-ordained church. They fail to realise they are most probably hindering/slowing down a huge, big thing that's gonna sweep the nation.

In my mind's eye (is that biblical?) I see a huge wave. A tsunami. And I see a reporter holding a microphone talking to the camera in front of the wave. She seems to be self-satisfied talking about the wave, How it blew from the north, how it seems to be sucking the sea dry, etc. The waves climb higher, she is like a speck of dust as the wave looms above her and crashes unto her. Awesome…

I'm glad Hillsong has started to look at taking legal action against some of its defamers. To think that the church will just stay quiet. But I guess, the Bible did tell us to turn the other cheek and vengeance is the Lord's. Awesome! Tsunami… tsunami… :razz:.

But ah well… and so many ignorant people base their thoughts and ideas about Hillsong "the cult" on these newspaper articles. It's just so crazy. Hillsong is centred on love and God. Loving God, loving people. If there were moral failures in the church, maybe its because the church is too loving and too trusting sometimes. If our music is too upbeat, maybe its because that is how we feel we want to express our joy and love for our God. And love people enough to not deaden their soul with hymns and recitals.

I love my church. I love my leaders. I love my peers. And most of all, we love our God together. That is what I'm sure of. Anytime… anywhere…

God bless!


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What if Hillsong is leading people astray, through its prosperity preaching and worldly trends?

Comment by The Thinking Theologian

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