Life is better than death. Love; greater than either…

4 May, 2006, 12:29 am
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Don’t you like that word? Amidst… Amidst all the confusion and chaos happening in the world, I find stability and comfort in confiding in this little blog of mine.

I find blogging very meaningful. Not for myself but for society as a whole. So much content is generated in this modern life of ours. Digital cameras, digital video, mp3s, wav files, powerpoint presentations, PDF files, blogs, word documents, excel sheets. So so so many things are being generated. What will future generations think of us? Indeed the Information Age is not meeting its ‘Maker’ anytime soon…

But anyway… Visited St. Andrews College (Sydney Uni) today and it felt so… uni-like haha We were having a meeting at one of the rooms and they had a marble fireplace, shelves upon shelves of thick volumes and even a ladder for the shelves. And no, I checked. it didn’t have wheels… 😦 But we went around the place, both Joyce and I, led by the St. Andrews boy himself, Moses. And his room was HUGE! Haha But I wouldn’t see myself staying in a college. Wearing your academic robes to dinner? Toasting the dean? Nah-ah… I prefer my freedom and control, thank you very much ;).

Other than that, it’s been a good day. The sun was shining and I got to wear my new shorts 😉 Winter’s coming you see… No shorts then 😦 Handed in my major assignment this morning too. Hope it goes well. It could have been so much better! Sigh…

Anyway, here’s to the air crash in Russia.

God bless!
P.S. Oh yeah, we’re having a one-off combined City and Hills prayer meeting this Saturday for Sydney Uni! It will be continued with a weekly prayer meeting at Erik’s place every Wednesday. 6.15AM!!! Hope we have the discipline to carry it. va Va voOm!



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