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Take The Unis Saturday!
16 May, 2006, 9:25 am
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Hey y'all!!!

How's it going? Hmmm… Life's been good over here. Getting back assignments instead of handing them up and last week was like a in-between break for everyone at uni before we launch out into the final bend of the semester and the checkered flag of exams…

My parents are in town… yeah… So you'd know :razz:. It's an interesting situation but oh well… I want to bring them around so much but there seems to be nothing that interests my Dad… My Mom's pretty easy to take care of but my Dad… An entirely different story… Ah well… it was a good start yesterday I guess… and there is a week to go… 🙂

Well, here's some more pics I took over the weekend for our "Take The Unis" event. Guest speaker Erwin McManus, cultural architect. Pastor of Mosaic church in LA. One thing I remembered most about him was that he said we can't find a point of entry to a non-Christian's life by talking about God. Coz non-Christians know nothing about God. They know a little about love, pain and hurt and friendship and all that. And honestly, these are the things we should be gaining entry through… Instead of just, in want of a better term, "bible-bashing" them to convert…

So anyway, here we go…

It was a very cold morning…

The sun was shining… sure… But still… we could vaporize/condense(?) our breath… wuahahaha

Marv and Nate… Just before we went in for the morning session…

And off we were. It was a combined Youth Alive event, so youths from all over the place were there… Mostly Uni students I would say… hoo-rah!

We also launched The Big Exo Day '06!


I like this pic! And no, they're not a couple…

My model of the day… wuahahaha Love ya Ming!

That's all folks… For today… More laterZ!

God bless!


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Very true about what the speaker said. Earn the right to be heard.

Comment by Kyle

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