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Glory Glory All Around…
23 May, 2006, 5:47 pm
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I need to get my hands on the Hillsong London "Jesus Is" album! The title song, "Jesus Is" is so crazy… powerful, meaningful and brings tears to people's eyes just singing it… Amazing…

Mmmmm… Had two classes today; one was about Defamatory laws in Australia and the other, about cohesion and semantics in text. But we had presentations today and this girl touched on the topic of an imbalance of gender in China. Apparently, in the South, they have something like 130 males to 100 girls (c.f. the global average approx. 105:100).

They still have the One-Child policy though in China. But I asked the girl presenting and apparently, in the rural areas, if you have a daughter as your first child, you are entitled to get a second child. What's the use in that? Common sense tells you that obviously, parents would want to take the chance and get a second child (hopefully a boy) right? Hmmm… to which she replied, raising one child in China is expensive enough already.


I guess that's fair. As you can clearly see, I am clearly assuming that Chinese parents would want male offspring (to carry the surname, to care for the family, etc). I think the One-Child policy has been around for something like 20-30 years already. It's quite cool, I think, when the government has so much power over the people. I am being sarcastic, you know that, don't you? Heck, only last week a few dozen mine-workers were killed in China. And the government 'taxi-ed' the relatives out of the affected town to avoid them grieving… Amazing…

Anyway, learnt more about the two Koreas as well this morning through a friend. Maybe will post my thoughts up about that later.

Take care all!
God bless!


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KLo!!! Congrats on being a graduate! I was there on Friday to take picture with friends who graduated too! What time was your ceremony? How come you didn’t tell me? huh huh huh? =D Anyways, i’m sure you had a blast. Did u get the 300 dollars worth of plague and framed photo of you and chancellor? heh. Haven’t heard from you in a long long long long time! Hope all’s well mister!

Keep jiggying! =D

Comment by mandeeee

that sounded wrong….300 dollars worth of plague! hah! tell me i’m funny! heee ^^

Comment by mandeeee

Hi Kevin,
Interesting situation with the One Child Policy…. It does not apply 100% to everyone even in the cities. You can have a second child if you pay extra tax, which is a a HUGE amount and don’t work for the govt. (I read last year in Shanghai that it is becoming increasingly fashionable to have two kids if you can afford… status as it costs an arm and leg just to raise a kid without an extra mouth to feed and the tax.)

Anyway, non Han Chinese (minority race eg Manchurian etc ) can also have two kids. Huge rates of female infanticide and abortion. BUT attitudes about having girls are changing, at least in the major cities….

Comment by Joanne

Mandy > yeah, bought every single thing… the plaQue, the DVD, the picture, the studio photos… 🙂

Joanne > ahhh… icic… yeah, my classmate talked about infanticide and stuff like that too… so there are more males i suppose?

Comment by K.Lo

JESUS IS ROCKS!!! I hav the cd… =D Plus the dvd of course.. ;p

Comment by monique

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