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24 May, 2006, 9:03 pm
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So as promised, the lowdown on the two Koreas.

Some NEW things I've learnt about them…

Q: Why don't the two Koreas unite? Since we see on TV, you know, people crying and all when they meet their long lost relatives.
A: The two Koreas want to unite politically but on a socio-economic level, the lay South Koreans are nervous about North Korea's sincerity and truthfulness. South Korea has about 5 million people and the North, 4 million. Together, they can reach 10 million people easily, a potential formidable economic power in the East.

Q: So South Korea is nervous that the North will attack them?
A: Definitely. The only thing stopping them from doing that is the Americans on our land. The Americans are supposedly doing a noble thing but what they get from being on Asian soil is that they can keep a very close eye on what the North and China (along with other Asian countried) are doing. South Koreans in general do not want Americans on their soil but politically, its a whole different ball game.

The Americans also do not want the potential superpower Korea to emerge.

(to which I exclaim, "Oh my gosh! I've never thought of that before!")

Yes, yes. You can call it… propaganda…

Q: So what's the future like for the Koreas?
A: Well, Kim Jong Il seems all up for a reuniting Korea but the current South Korean president is pretty new and might need some time to ramp up to approach this fundamental but sensitive issue. The last North president was close to sealing a deal but died before the said process could go on. Kim Jong Il has not continued his predecessor's work, but started again from scratch.

So there you have it… My little "interview" with my South Korean friend.
Then in today's World news…

"Seoul – North Korea unexpectedly called off test runs planned Thursday for the first rail links with South Korea since the 1953 end of the Korean War." Full story here.

So guess there's now more work to be done between the two. It's tragic to think that the two Koreas are separated today because of foreign powers during the WWII, Russia and America. It's outrageous… simpy disgusting and unacceptable… But that's the world isn't it?

One more thing before I leave. This article may be getting a bit heavy but bear with me. Israel is starting to finalise its borders now. Whatever that means for the immediate future, I don't know, I just know they are Jews, God's chosen people and I support them 100%. When peace in the Middle East is brokered, the Temple will be rebuilt. When the Temple is rebuilt, Jesus' return is around the corner. Yee-Ha!

God bless!


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its amazing the things u learn by being in a multicultural society huh 🙂

i haven’t blog-hopped for ages! and since then u’ve graduated! woOhoO~* congrats KLo!!!

Comment by J*

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