Life is better than death. Love; greater than either…

27 May, 2006, 6:01 pm
Filed under: East Timor, Thoughts

Taken from just today…

"…Last night, 30 to 40 United States marines landed in Dili, not as part of the international force but to protect their embassy…"

What CAN we do to react to news like this? Australia has deployed 1300 troops, New Zealand (60). Portugal (40) and even Malaysia (209+25).

I feel so much anger and frustration. If they could justify attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, how is East Timor different? Obvious answer isn't it? No money.

We need a change people! Enough of this political hoo-ha! A global revolution…

Sigh… But most of us want to live… So busy with surviving and thriving. But if we are trapped in a container, all that jostling and striving will only get you to the lid, and that's it. Success when you reach the big blue Tupperware lid. But what if we take off the lid? Take off the lid of politics and governments… We can explore and find success outside the container… Outside the walls of political correctness and hidden agendas… 

Ah well… Thoughts, anyone?

God bless!


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