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All These Shades of Blue…
29 May, 2006, 11:49 pm
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I am like in love with this song by Nick Lachey, "Shades Of Blue". His entire album is quite sad. He denies its written with Jessica in mind but once you hear it, you know that's a lie ;). Anyway, the weekend has come and gone once again and Tuesday lingers near…

Gonna be working tomorrow. And then having a long group meeting (approx. 3-4 hours) in the arvo. Did I mention an English class in between? Ohhh…

Anyway, let tomorrow take care of itself. The weekend had been spent with my connect group members and the gf. Not too bad I guess. Heard Ps. Joel A'Bell speak about how we as a Christian group sometimes have all the information about our age group but don't necessarily have the experience. I think he wants to tell us straight out that sometimes we are too protected in church. We don't trust God arm and limb most of the time. We don't have that cliffhanger experience with God that if He doesn't show up, we have no alternatives route. That kind of experience… I guess it is true…

We need to hang our lives on the line. Step out.

And Sunday was spent at the feet of Richard Roberts, President of ORU (Oral Roberts University). His father is the founder of ORU, the first of its kind in the Christian world. Amazing… Astoundingly amazing… Imagine, such power, such anointing. And he had a "live" healing sermon. People got healed of back pain and shoulder pains then and there. It was awesome… We shouldn't be surprised as Christians cause God IS the originator of the supernatural… Not the Devil, not "The Exorcist". We should be healing people everyday of our lives!

We need to hang our lives on the line. Step out.

God bless!


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ahh yes!i really wished i was at the sunday service. i was tossing up on whether to go or not coz i was already at the saturday service. seems like i missed out big time!

Comment by J*

haha i bet Saturday night with Jerry Savelle was qually awesome J!

God bless!

Comment by K.Lo

hey kevin, nice place you’ve got here. I like the picture posts. if you’re game enough you should try putting up a video post using YouTube! 🙂

Comment by phily

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