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The Rising Tied…
2 June, 2006, 12:50 am
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Been listening to Fort Minor's album, "The Rising Tied" these few days (actually just a super overload today) and I think its not good for my health. Feel so empty and kinda depressed after listening to them. The beats are good and the lyrics are cool but there is so much anger and energy in the songs that I feel a bit drained and a bit tired/angry myself after listening to them. Hmmm… maybe not something I should listen to so much.

Oh yeah, and they (Fort Minor) sort of compelled me to get a subwoofer for my car again. So in between designing for my Making Magazines class and what-nots, I bidded for a subwoofer on the infamous eBay. My first attempt must I say. A few of my close friends have already got stuff from eBay. Car accessories, handbags and sport wear. But I got outbidded… And I was telling SokLeng if I got outbidded, I'd probably don't wanna get it cause there's really no use in me getting a subwoofer for some outrageous price. However, it is only going for 61 now though. My previous bid was 50. Imagine… a self-powered subwoofer for AUD50! So yeah, my hopes are dashed now haha And there's the installation… which last I checked, cost AUD80… if I win the bid at 75/80, I'll need to spend at least AUD200 on the whole system… Maybe not THAT worth it after all, hey?

Ah well… the wiles of eBay…


Here's to a life where you are the sole bidder… 😉

God bless!


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lol.. yea.. here’s to life where you are the sole bidder! 🙂

Comment by marv

yo KLo 🙂

i like fort minor rhythm & melody too! but yeah the lyrics… need to be ignored as much as possible

Comment by J*

Here are some links that I believe will be interested

Comment by srhjytukyky

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