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Satisfied Saturday.
4 June, 2006, 8:59 am
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Hey all!

Got so much done on Saturday yesterday that its just so refreshing to wake up this morning and head off to church. I feel like not doing anything at all when I'm not doing anything at all and when I do have things to do, I feel like doing them at all once! I hold this principle, you work hard only to rest hard… 😉

Anyway, went to get my locknut at the post office yesterday cause the previous car owner accidentally brought it back to Singapore. So that saved me a potentially loss of 100 dollars! Thanks Bovin! And then SokLeng and I went to Bondi Junction to walk around and buy stuff. It's just so relaxing although looking for parking was a warzone! A bullet spun off my shoulder but I landed a grenade on that woman! Wuahahaha… well, not really…

Annnnyway… 😛 SokLeng got one thing she wanted but I could see in her eyes she wanted more… haha! But the parking was expiring and the crowd was kinda huge and so we decided to head back.

Then… I headed of to Gerald's Buck's nite at the Outback Steakhouse at North Strathfield. Will post pictures later. 10 boys, 10 plates of bloody meat. Awesome man! I felt like going out hunting after dinner… The food was not bad, the servings were big and the company awesome. Two more weeks and our brother Gerald would be married!!! MARRIED!!! My gosh…

If I were him, I would be so so so so extremely stressed haha! Not because of anything but because I would be thinking if table 12 who will seat Uncle Bob, Auntie Mary and their 3 adolescent daughters would have enough room for Uncle Steven, Auntie Jane and their 2 teenage boys. And would I be promoting inbreeding then? 😛 And if I need to stick paper under the table leg cause its shaking?



See ya peeps later!
God bless!


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Hey K.Lo! Gd that you could tell she wants more! time remember to get it for her b4 u all leave! :p anyways, have a blessed sunday
i’ll see ya at the Spot!!
-shout out to Sox!- 🙂

Love, Ashley

Comment by Ashley

very nice blog!mary

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