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You mean it can rain the whole day?
5 June, 2006, 11:32 pm
Filed under: Buck's Night, Rain, Steaks

Yup… sure can. And apparently none of these precious rain is hitting our catchment areas. To think that Sydney has been around for at least 200 years and nobody bothers to channel rain to the catchment areas from the city. Amazing…

Anyway… Just wanted to post a few pics from Saturday night.

The James and I
The James and I

Answer to Pheelep's Qs!
Yup, Phil, for the hundredth time, I ordered the Kakadu… 😀

Real men eat meat.

And so yeah, it was a great night out with the boys. I think most of us had fun. Well, I did. But not so much towards the end though, I just wanted to go home… Sleep is an interesting temptation.

Congrats Gerald again! Man oh man… I so cannot believe it… One of my peers is getting married!!!

But anyhoo… it has raining cats, dogs, giraffes and elephants here in Sydney. Its quite cool watching the rain from inside and when you have a car. I was caught out on Friday, I needed to walk home from class and all I had was a thin cotton zip-up to heat meself up. NOT recommended… Brrr!

Oh yes, but it IS fun to just watch the rain fall, study your breath condensations on the windows and drink that hot soup you just made few hours ago. And there's this show on channel 9 which is captivating me. It's called "What's Good For You". It's like MythBusters but with a lifestyle, more practical twist to it.

They had what's the best way to treat bluebottle stings last week. And how sleep deprivation makes you go haywire this week. Its still a new show I think and it can only get better. Kudos to Nine for educational and practical shows!

Hmmm… I guess that's all for today. Now to tuck myself into my thick blanket with the sounds of rain caressing me to sleep…

God bless!


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Woot! u double posted…dunno where to comment, but anyways…
keke when u said “real men eat meat” guess who was the first person i thought of? WEIMING TAN! wahaha…he only eats vege…
u so blessed got car hor? i didnt enjoy walking on the streets, scared kena splashed by u cars!!! Grrr….and where’s my hot soup!!
disclaimer-ok im not that grouchy, just trying to sound like i am…

Have fun! pls pray for the rain to go away, its really bad weather…

God bless..

Comment by Ashley

haha Wei Mingle!

Eh, u want soup ar? One day lar, one day hehe… invite u over to SokLeng’s place for dinner 😉

The sun’s finally out!
C u 2nite!
God bless!

Comment by K.Lo

the food looks yummy!!! i want !!
glad u enjoyed yaself..
keep warm pple!!

Comment by Regina

eh u very food-oriented leh haha

which is fine by me!
God bless ya ReGe!

Comment by lomantik

ash, u so blessed that you have friends with cars! 🙂

yea, real men eat meat.. mingle man is not a real man

Comment by marv


Marv’s funny as usual 😛
don’t u think blog readership spikes in congruent with the exams?

amasing… 😛
God bless everyone!

Comment by K.Lo

Haha i totally agree man, exams!! eeks! erm…yea i am blessed, i have friends who have cars, but all leaving for camden lah, spore lah. ISH!!!!!!!

Comment by Ashley

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