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Shop shop!
7 June, 2006, 5:06 pm
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Hey hey hey everyone!

Went out today for an accidental bout of shopping with James. Actually it was planned at the back of my mind for some time but today was the day. It was the day to put my dreams aside and actually make them come true. Haha!

And came true they did.

Got these pair of shoes at Birkenhead Point.

It all started when I brought my mom to Birkenhead Point (warehouse shopping mall) few weeks ago when she was here. Then both her and I saw this wonderful, elegant pair of shoes. The shoes were going for quite cheap and I fell in love but hesitated. Today, the hesistation, egged on by TheJames, was gone.

Rear view of the said new shoes.

The shoes were the 2nd item I bought today.

Marcs had a wonderful sale going on and I finally bought a jacket I wanted for so long. Obviously, it wasn't going for AUD250, it was slashed substantially lower than that. And because it was cut down, I bought it. Muahahaha!

So there ends the adventures of my day… A day that may have repercussions or not. A day which much wisdom and foresight is needed. A need which has been satisfied. A satisfaction which is guaranteed. A guarantee that is worthless to some. And to some a breeze in the wind.

God bless!

P.S. This entry has been written intentionally with a technique I learnt in class! So exciting! If you care to realise, every sentence is intentionally linked to the next one. Except one or two sentences where linking it would sound very weird! Haha!

Tell me if it increased your readability! Got two more techniques to test out but I think I'll reserve that for my last assignment of the semester! haha!



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i want shoes as well.. adicolour to be specific! haha.. hopefully got sale on the model I want..

Comment by marv

old school… school shoes!

Comment by Regina

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