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Another amazing day…
11 June, 2006, 11:27 pm
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Hey all!

Woke up to a cold Sunday this morning and had a fantastic time under the feet of Alan Myer, pastor of Church of Christ in Melbourne. He and his church have planted over 4000 churches since 1984. All because they had a revelation of tithes and offering that year. He spoke us through the biblical principles of why we tithe and give. And it was amazing… no wonder the media has always been attacking Hillsong and its 'money' issues. It is the single most important thing towards the spiritual health of the church!!! Satan, get behind me… My mind is again refreshed…

Farewelled David at Pancakes just tonight. Had BBQ pork ribs and the Devil's delight pancakes. Cool company, nice busy atmosphere and good food. Woo-huh! This guy has been in my life since 3 years ago and he has been such a pillar of support for me. A guy you can count on for anything at all! Especially his cooking skills! Amazing… It's not like you're dying la David, hor? haha All the best with NIE back in SG, mate! Love ya!

So yeah… tomorrow's gonna be another day and another party too! Out at Beverly Hills… no, no Hollywood celebrities, apparently its really just like any other suburb. Heh heh… I'll keep my expectations low 😉

I guess that's about it for now. Happy Birthday to Dawn and Judy!!! Thanks for your party on Saturday night! It was great! A few hiccups here and there but truly again… amazing…

I want to live life amazed!
Don't you?

God bless!
Little side dish. Incidentally, my mom's email is amazedkath hiaks!


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wah…u having soo much fun la

Comment by thereflector

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