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Wedding Bells are deafening.
14 June, 2006, 11:17 pm
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So yeah. The bells for Gerald and Lina are ringing quite substantially in my ears in the form of her wedding planner. haha but Lulu's great. She is so apt for the job! She even had a call-time for me… Hillsong Conference style babeh! lOl

So yeah, would be photographer for them this Saturday and honestly I don't think my camera can handle it. It's an old camera and the memory card can only hold like 80+ pictures. 82 to be exact. And one battery lasts only for 50/60 shots (if I'm lucky). But anyhoo, will make due with it. Mattius is gonna be doing it with me. I think he has a digital SLR of some sort. I forget.

Gerald's down with vomitting and the sort though. I joked over dinner just now that he's just having cold feet. He vomitted after signing some papers this morning. We anointed him with oil just now and prayed over him. He looked pale though but still smiling hehe Lina's very stressed too, every other second she would be asking Lulu if she has thought of this and that. Like the bouquet on the car or the RSVP for this person, that person. It's just massive what they're going through… Amazing…

Had a long day myself today too. Woke up to do some design for my magazine/assignment then went for the group meeting which turned out alright and then cooked lunch for SokLeng and AiMei and then continued doing some work and then went for the Sydney Uni Campus Ministry meeting and then went on for dinner with the 'wedding crew'.

Pictures of it when Saturday comes I guess…

But for now… we thank ginzmemoirs for her photo collage of last Friday night…

Thanx again, ginzmemoirs! And when those photos were taken, I had been awake for about 18 hours already. So forgive the hair… 😛 Although I must say it doesn't improve much regardless of the time… haha 😛

God bless!


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NICE PICS!!!! haha, i hope Gerald is gd man…
thanks for ur prayers and encouragements
it means alot
God bless u too


Comment by Ashley

*jingle jingle*

Comment by marv

Congrats to your friends 🙂

Comment by thereflector

thanx peeps!

will post pix of his wedding soon after 😉

God bless!

Comment by lomantik

hey hey hey hey hey…… you r excused about ya hair dude, as u say REGARDLESS of time.. gotta agree !!! hahahahz.. but make pictures look fun !!! hahahhaz.. great catching up with all u guys that night… good fun!!

Comment by ginz

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