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CarWash: Man vs. Weather.
21 June, 2006, 3:07 pm
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'Sup dawGs!

It's been a really busy weekend that passed. We had Gerald and Lina's beautiful wedding where I along with two more able men were wedding photographers. We had video people also so that's cool. Cause you know, videos can do it better sometimes… Yup… SOMEtimes 😛 haha but anyway, it was a great wedding! Pictures later… 😛

What pictures I did get hold of was of my car! Here I was enjoying the wonderful weather last weekend (SokLeng's graduation, LG wedding, beautiful Sunday) and so I thought to myself (Louis Armstrong style) I might want to wash my car on Monday!

So I did! Handed in my 20% assignment English assignment on Monday, took a nap and washed my car in the cold! Jacket and short pants! Bring it on…

And this is what I achieved…

All pictures taken with a 2MP Sony Ericsson 750i mobile phone. So forgive the quality…

Anyway… And guess what SokLeng told me the moment I finished washing my car…

Yupp… you guessed it… Showers forecasted for the next 4 days…


God bless!


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why do u think i never wash my car 😛

Comment by Nicktay

oo ahh!
yea.. sometimes the rain can be a good fren.. sometimes not..

Comment by marv

wahaha, it looks really clean!!! good on ya! it poured today wahahaha!
eh, post pics of LG wedding and Sox’s grad pretty pls? i love pics!!!

Comment by Ashley

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