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27 June, 2006, 1:21 pm
Filed under: Socceroos

Yeah, I watched the game. Green and gold versus the pasta boys.

I kinda predicted the Socceroos would lose but not this way man… Not this way…

The Aussies were disciplined, focused and scarcely emotional. The pretty boys of Italy were overreacting, arrogant and clearly not as physical as the Aussies. There were so many incidences where a mere touch could send an Italian player falling. It was peppered throughout the match for goodness’ sake!


*Italian player clutches head in pain*


So then the pasta boys were down to ten men and still the Aussies couldn’t convert their build-ups. But no matter… in the last 15 seconds of the game, an Italian goes down in the penalty box, clearly tripping over Neill… And they won… Cowardly win…

God bless!


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GAHH! I’m still angry!

Comment by MeiYun



Comment by Eve

yea.. they should hook up video referee-ing, however you spell it

Comment by marv


ah well…

Comment by K.Lo

they put up a valiant fight :}

Comment by Nicktay

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