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It’s been a while…
17 July, 2006, 12:01 pm
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Hello girls and boys!

It’s been a good three weeks since I’ve updated this blog of mine, eh? How time flies when you’re on holidays! It has been an eventful three weeks.

We had Hillsong Conference 2006 two weeks ago and that “Conference high” is  yet to leave me (and I suppose, a few other revellers). Hehe Reminds me of the Berlin Love Parade…

Anyway, Conference was good but I did not manage to catch any of the night rallies. Was serving in Kidsong World together with Charis and Joyce and Grace and WenQi! They were awesome as usual… Had other people around too and I was really encouraged by their patience and love for the kids. I do admit sometimes my patience runs out and my mouth stops explaining and my hands start moving  haha! But all in love of course…

You have to strike the balance between keeping the child happy, getting the programme going and keeping other children happy. Ah well… My third Kidsong world this year. And this year they gave us a little momento from the kids! So so crazy! Imagine holding that momento 30 years from now and thinking about these kids… Ah…

Then last week was drama mama time! Long story short, we have to find a new place in two weeks time! And found I did, so this weekend, I’ll be moving to St. Michael’s College! Taking over Marvin’s room heh heh It’s gonna be a change definitely but all my life I have been moving so I’ll just add one more strike to this list of mine… Maybe I can spend devotion with the Father (the caretaker of the College) 😉 Imagine that! haha

Anyway,so yeah… School’s starting next Monday and work has been good. God has been faithful, seeing me through and I’m constantly reminded of His goodness and blessings.

Jentzen Franklin preached last Sunday. On how sacrifice appeals so so much to God. It’s like honey to ants you know. He explained how throughout the Bible sacrifice built a hedge of protection around people. And I was so so convicted. I understood that serving is a sacrifice; sacrifice in the form of friends, time and money. But if the God of the Universe is on my case… in whom shall I fear?

More later…
Thanking you, Jesus…
God bless!


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glad ur back…was begining to think you have left the blogging world 😛

Comment by Nicktay

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