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Pirates 2…
25 July, 2006, 10:14 am
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Caught Pirates Of The Carribean 2 last night with my connect group and it was awesome! Johnny Depp delivered Jack Sparrow fabulously and we were again caught up into a world without showers, of rivalry, cunningness and ultimate fantasy.

It was a pretty long movie, 2 and half hours but I didn’t feel it. I was just too busy enjoying it! It would help though if the guy next to us would stop laughing at unfunny scenes. Do you get that sometimes? Man its like so irritating! Ok maybe I’m a tad sensitive, its not like he laughed when someone died or something… He cooled off towards the end, maybe he just got too excited at the beginning… hehe

Did some reading this morning and apparently Johnny Depp based Jack-Sparrow’s swaggering and quirky ways on Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards. I just like seeing Jack Sparrow. Maybe its because at the back of my mind, we kinda know Johnny Depp as this serious, melancholic, mysterious man and here is Jack Sparrow; almost the exact opposite; care-free, blabbering away.

Jack Sparrow reminds me also of the Hong Kong actor, the one who acted as the Monkey god in recent years. Always getting into trouble but always getting out in the end. Talking about cross-cultural ‘plagiarism’, what about the recent Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock movie, “The Lake House”? I am sure I watched a Korean movie with the exact same plot about 3 years ago!

Tragic isn’t it? Then again maybe not. Gives non-Hollywood productions a good, if not great, name!  Also caught Singapore-based “I Not Stupid 2” last week and it was an OK movie. Had a good plot, well-made and quite tight. Just hope it doesn’t stop there…

I so wanna make a movie! Ideas/offers anyone?

God bless!


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yaya!! lets make a movie!!! I’ll be the editor!! 😛

Comment by Nicktay

wat editor?

scriptwriter i know, director i know, producer i know… cameraman i oso know…

wat is editor? haha
scriptwriter issit?

Comment by K.Lo

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