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Long day?
26 July, 2006, 11:26 pm
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The clock shows the time. The short hand is between 11 and 12 and the long hand is between 2 and 3. “What time is it?” I try to calculate, but the red hand keeps distracting me…

It has been a long day. Not necesarrily tiring but just long. Woke up at 4.45 to get ready to go to work and thought I missed my bus but surprise surprise, up it pulls 2 minutes after I expected it to come. So that was a great start to my day! You DO NOT want to wait in the morning cold and drafts for a long time (read 4 minutes is LONG). Missed the usual prospects at the bus stop… me thinks they take the one later bus… Oh well…

Work was OK today. Not at my usual store but its alright. Messy though and not so professional… but OK nonetheless šŸ˜‰

Went for Laksa after that ; just me, myself and I. It was good… the lunch crowd hasn’t squeezed its way through yet. There was this old lady clearing plates; frail but happy. I feel like interviewing her for one of my subjects. Yes, I need to think about my assignments already. Two Distinctions last semester have only propelled me to work harder šŸ˜‰


Ah well… then went for Campus Ministry meeting with the peeps and kinda ‘sold’ my fridge and then brought SokLeng out for dinner. I wasn’t really keen on Asian so we settled for Arthur’s pizza at The Spot, Randwick instead. It’s OK, not VERY fantastic. Ah well, then we took a drive around the area and got totally lost. Perfect night out šŸ˜‰ (I am not in anyway being sarcastic here. Hmm… that statement actually made it worse…:P) I stopped myself from looking at the map as long as possible and at last passed through Coogee beach as we earlier planned hehe

Did some Campus Ministry work and then here I am… blogging… Just to fill space… hehe

We are going for Indian/Bangladeshi at Enmore tomorrow. Hope its good…

Goodnite world…
God bless!


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