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They Call Me Boss.
28 July, 2006, 1:01 am
Filed under: Malaysia, Mamak

Yup… Just like back home in Malaysia, at Faheem restaurant (Enmore), if you are kind enough, the Pakistani/Indian waiters call you just that! I think a little honour (as a customer, to the waiter) goes such a long long way. We enjoyed Pakistani and Indian Halal food tonight. When I stepped in, it was like I stepped back home… To Nasi kandar at PJ State or Darusalam at SS15… Don’t believe me? Take a look at this…

Pay careful detail to the plate, the table and the chairs! Exactly like a shoplot mamak rite? I so couldn’t contain my excitement! haha We ordered the tandoori, a few cheese naan (very good i must say), a lamb saag gosht(?) and nasi briyani!!! But I didn’t top it off with a teh o ais… That WAS about the only thing that was dissappointing about this place… hehe Oh yeah, and they don’t do Indo mie/ Maggie mee goreng…

Some might not even understand this post! haha But some readers will definitely share this joy with me… Woo-Huh!

And because you’re so good readers… Some eye-candy just for you…

Doggie I caught on camera at one
of the many petshops available…

God bless!


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Indomie is not indian food lah!!! thats why don’t have 😛

Comment by Nicktay

wah, i wanna go..
they open late ah

Comment by marv

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