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Powerhouse is on da Moo-Ve!
1 August, 2006, 10:38 am
Filed under: St. Michael's College

Pictures from last week’s PowerHouse at UNSW’s Scientia! I totally love the place haha! Not to mention it was my ‘fullest’ connect group ever on a powerHouse night! Thank you Jesus! I nearly cried haha shhh ok? 😛

Paul didn’t want to be in the picture… 😦

As promised… SernLi gone wild…

Hehe so I’m now moved already! Well, 95% anyway… have to finish up a few things, clean up, cancel gas/electric/phone accounts and… CHANGE ADDRESSES! That’s the worst part of moving… You just hope that your previous place has enough courtesy to forward you mail which you are going to miss… Ah well…

My new place is quite cool I think…At least I have a backyard… 😛 Ashley has kind words for me when she helped me move last weekend… “K.Lo, don’t unpack yet.” Thanks also to Aaron, SernLi, Nathaniel and my lovely SokLeng for helping out!

Haha it’s not THAT badla… lOl It is an… acquired taste… Well, it’s home now…

Piccies later when I’ve “Queer-Eyed” the room (quote from Marvin). 😉

God bless!


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Ashley is spoilt.. thats why.. hahaha

Comment by marv

i must say the picture looks very real! (referring to the mamak post) for a second there i thought you flew back to M’sia for the holidays! And you moved?? Where to? Shows how much we’ve been catching up eh? I hope all’s well KLo. And that joy with your connect group there, i think i can understand that. =D God is an awesome God! God bless ya heaps!

Comment by mandeeee

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