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Father father…
8 August, 2006, 10:18 am
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Had to do an assignment this week, or rather, volunteered to get it over and done with in Week 3 so I interviewed Father (caretaker of my new place). I got to profile him; you know something like those chronological turn of events in someone’s life, etc. Some sort of autobiography? It was alright, its hard to get him though (even after reminders!) but happy that he relented at last on Sunday night.

Ahhh… I think it was a good piece but it could definitely be better… Ah well…

Weekends were alright, Saturday was spent working and TRYING to get the interview. Sunday was spent in church, with Kids, at Ikea and interview with Father.

When asked about what his first childhood memory was, Father recalled something from when he was 5 years old!!! That was at least 72 years ago man… Makes me think… What we do with kids do really last a lifetime. Isn’t that great? In your hands YOU have the power to literally make or break a human life.

Fred Savage had a baby too. You know? “The Wonder Years”… Little Kevin? He’s thirty now. He still has got that Kevin-ish smile. Amazing…

Here’s to life and time or rather, timelessness…

God bless!


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Thanks for dropping by my blog. 🙂

Well, time really passes us by. We can only try & cherish the memories from our lives as much as possible.

Comment by Jemima

Hmmm..I was quite sure I left a comment here this morning but it has disappeared.

Well, never mind. I just want to thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

Comment by Jemima

lum lum

Comment by marv

u know what, he never uttered “lum lum” not something even close… maybe its u and him’s “thing” hehe

Jemima > u the Jem from Sarawak rite?

Comment by K.Lo

Who exactly is the Jem from Sarawak?

Comment by Jemima

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