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It’s My Birthday!
24 August, 2006, 3:00 pm
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Dear blog,

‘Tis my birthday today. 23 years of living a life. My life.

As I was walking to the Campus Ministry meeting last night, I was thinking and thinking. Thinking about my life and how far it has come. Of what are the most important things in life to me. It was a long walk. About 10 minutes (I hear you snicker). And in between breaks to stop for traffic and summoning the pedestrian lights, my brain wallowed in self-discovery.

I’ve discovered I do not have a current passion for life. I have sort of become indifferent to a whole lot of things. Little interest me nowadays. Is this an aftermath of dissappointments in my life? That I have become afraid to dream? Its sad. Things do not seem bright in the near future. Largely its due to me finishing my degree here in Sydney. What next?

I know that God will bring me through this and that in life’s tumulotous up’s and down’s, He is the only constant. Its easy remininding other people. It’s hard to remind myself.

I didn’t draw a conclusion to last night’s pondering and thinking. I went through the meeting, attended my own birthday party (together with Xin; who has the exact same birthday as me – we had a combined party) and went home. It was a great party (as usual :P) and pictures would be up shortly! haha

But for now, I shall celebrate every single day/moment of my life with the people around me. I will be thanking God for what He has given me everything (in the past and present).

Why worry about tomorrow? For tomorrow will take care of itself… Who knows what the future holds? What we have is the present… Sure we need to plan and all but most often, we can only control THIS moment…

And for that, thanks for listening, blog.
God bless!



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Comment by Nicktay

Hey Kevin. Always thought you were older than I was. Anyhow, blessed birthday!


Comment by DavidLee

Happy Birthday KLO!!!! All the best for ur studies.

Comment by Bryan

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