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Piccie Post!
10 September, 2006, 6:48 pm
Filed under: Hillsong Campus, Music, Pictures

Just a little post of pictures to brighten the site up…
Since my Unwired account has come back up to speed again… 😉
(It was shaped to a slower speed because I finished me quota)

Kristen’s self portrait against the blue blue sky…

Someone should move the lamp post’s shadow from Dawn’s face…
Oh yeah, just in case you didn’t realise, I cut my hair…
I broke up with my old self 😉

Two wonderful women of God… Time flies sometimes and I see these girls week in and week out and waddya know, it has been two years since our souls have met in this short life… Amazing…

Listening to Jewel’s new album right now, Goodbye Alice In Wonderland… not too bad… quite American and obviously very Jewel but got a serious undertone in her lyrics this time around, but then again doesn’t she always have?

While we’re on this subject, didn’t find Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera’s new albums that amazing… What was acceptable was Pharrell’s new one. But that in itself is not like suoer amazing too… Pharell is obviously very talented at producing people (e.g. Britney Spears) but when he gets his own hands dirty, the result is an attempt, a slightly pretentious attempt, in my humble opinion anyway, at being ‘fresh’.

I’ll go back to my Fort Minor CD 😉

God bless!


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