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The Weekend…
10 September, 2006, 6:26 pm
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The morning started with a conversation with a stranger lady.

It went something like this…
KLO: “Hey, how you going”?
LADY: “Good. Weather’s not too bad today, hey?”
KLO: “Oh yeah. What do you mean?”
LADY: “It’s been pouring these few days. At least the sun’s out today”
KLO: “Oh yeah. Haven’t looked out the window yet.”
LADY: *chuckles* “Alright, see ya then. You have a good day!”

Took my car out and then the second I hit the traffic lights… it POURED! Like full on tropical rain! Crasie crasie…

Man… talk about small talk… I so wanna meet up with her later and have a great laugh about our totally meaningless conversation…

Anyway, Ps. Joseph Prince from New Creation Singapore was amazing this morning. Well, I do admit that I was a bit apprehensive when I heard of him coming for the Grace and Favour seminar this coming week (a well suited Singaporean pastor is surely good? :P). News have been going around that he leans too much on the “grace” side of Christianity licensing forgiven Christians to sin and all and some “conventional” Christians still want to adhere to the old “Law” of Christianity (the infamous Thou Shalt Nots).

He explained why the Law was there in the first place and how God used that to make sure men failed and gave up on themselves. And then provide them with infallible Salvation, Jesus.

It was amazing… Get the DVD! Haha!

Ahhh… then did Kids and then went for lunch then came home for a little personal R&R hehe. Watched a DVD a workmate lent me, Platoon it’s called. Starred Charlie Sheen and a few others and it’s basically a war film, based on true accounts in the Vietnam War.

It was crazy. Was just talking about minor war stuff last night over dinner with my connect group but watching Charlie Sheen in the midst of it all was crazy. What’s even crazier is that it actually happened.

Did a search on the all reliable (ahem!) wikipedia and read a little about the Vietnam War. They never said the US lost the war. I think the US lost that particular war. It might have been a few hundred reasons why they lost/pulled out/whatever but who suffers? The Vietnamese people suffered…

It was what they called a “proxy war” between the US and the USSR according to the wikipedia article. Well, it’s pretty obvious what that means right? Basically innocent people dying for politicians in suits who are afraid to die themselves.


Such is the fallibility of man…
We have only One Way out…
God bless!

P.S. If you’re in Australia, be sure to watch more depressing things on TV tonight on Seven. 8.30 tonight and continues 9.30 tomorrow night. The official propraganda documentary regarding the September 11 attacks, “The Path to 9/11”.

WAKE UP people!


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