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12 October, 2006, 9:37 am
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It’s the school holidays here in Sydney right now and going out, I see throngs of inter-state tourists, little kids and most frighteningly, teenagers.

They had an Under-18s party last night at UNSW’s Roundhouse, fights broke out and the police had to be called in. I saw two riot trucks outside Victoria Park last night. Don’t know if they are related. If they are, I can only blame the idle time the kids have and the weather. The temperature would reach a blistering 33degC by this Friday. But apparently it’s a three-day heat wave.

But no matter, throw myself into the realm of the young I will tonight…

There's a Reason we have Encounterfest

Well, frankly speaking, tonight will be filled with teenagers and schoolkids which have time for Encounterfest. It’s an undisputable fact. But no matter, Encounterfest means just that. A festival of Encountering with God. If it’s going to be accompanied by passion of kids who just have too much time, so be it. Maybe its unfair to say that but I remember when I was a teenager growing up with Jesus. There’s always a beginning to every journey I guess and when we look back at this year’s Encounterfest, we would see it as a landmark of our lives. Kids or not…

The past week has been eventful as such. It’s so hard to find time, especially in the evenings to just relax, cook a meal or enjoy some private time. Except last night of course, SokLeng and I went to the City to have sushi. Parking was a breeze! Which was nice haha Sushi Train raised its prices a few weeks ago and we haven’t been there since so we thought we’d give it a try. I, being optimistic said the portions would be larger but SokLeng was skeptical. After a few stares at the (sushi) train passing us by, SokLeng turned out to be right.

Oh well, we decided, now that brings Sushi Train into the same price bracket as the rest of the Sushi places in Sydney; other better and bigger portioned Sushi places in Sydney ;).

Work has been interesting and classes have been draggy (but learning a lot about the media of course). I have three assignments due in two weeks time within days of each other and I’m planning my steps very carefully for the next few weeks. Which is good I guess…

Interesting things happen in work for me… Cause you meet a different array of people. Well maybe not a whole lot different, just those who would pay $3.45 for a cappucino. I meet tourists (Americans [duh!], Spanish, Germans!, heaps of South Americans, even Singaporeans! hehe) and its just so nice to be out there in the world, shining His light and loving people in the world.

I find it refreshing too. I guess this is what people mean when they say stagnant water breeds no life. If we as Christians feed ourselves but do not have a source of outlet, we become stagnant, fat Christians. Like the Dead Sea, no outlet, stagnant, lifeless. (If we do not feed ourselves on the other hand, we starve!) But if we become rivers of flowing water, rivers which have salmon jumping around, oxygenating our waters through hitting rocks and banks, violent, fast and moving… Man… It’s no wonder MOVING waters don’t get lethargic… they are full of life!

God bless!


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Good update K.Lo
See you at the kids infested Encounterfest tonight!

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