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Post EncounterFest Week…
16 October, 2006, 6:53 pm
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Hey all!

Encounterfest was fantastic. Didn’t get to sit in for all the sessions though, only stayed for the nights and Saturday morning so I don’t think I got everything that it had to offer. But the Social Justice project on Saturday morning was quite cool.

Actually, it was HOT. 37degC man… A few strands of clouds in the sky, the sun blaring and the land parched dry. I wore shoes and bermudas, I could have looked like Pharrell or Phua Chu Kang. No matter… the task at hand was beckoning.

And to answer the call; we headed out to Plumpton (out West) to get briefed on what we are supposed to do and stuff. Before that Jeanne Mayo spoke on ‘ambulance drivers’ and how Samson killed the Phillistines after his hair grew. They cut his hair but the point is it GREW back and hence we can all GROW back after a defeat.

“Holiness is not perfection; it is direction” – Jeanne Mayo, Encounterfest 2006.

But anyway, she has a very special way of delivering her messages to young people. Well, she has been serving them for 37 years.

Anyway, so off we went to good ol’ dry Plumpton and we were split into groups and all and I had 5 people in my group. Kihyon, Marvin, MJ, Dior and myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better group. We took several breaks over what seemed to be 2 hours. But to our credit, we were probably the most mobile unit. Save for Erik’s team, which converged onto a carpark nearby. Oh wait a minute, the rest of the teams were mobile too :(.

Ah well, time ticked by and gloves were taken off. Stories of sweat accumulating IN the gloves abound. We picked up a homemade bong, Bourbon Cola tincans, KFC boxes and dog-saliva slathered newspapers, just to name a few.

I got to know MJ a fair bit better throughout the morning though. Which was good I guess… hehe She has so much potential… AH well…

Here’s to a few more assignments to the end of the semester!!!

God bless!


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aww man.. I couldn’t have asked for a better one myself!

Comment by marv

Cool man ..

Comment by antiochtiger

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