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Assignment time = ‘research time’
18 October, 2006, 12:57 pm
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Facts and opinions I formed this morning.
WARNING: Post may appear blokey. Female readers are warned… but loved all the same 🙂

Toyota Aurion vs. Falcodores (Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores)
So Toyota is entering the V6 market yet again (they failed miserably a few years ago with the Camry V6). Little Japanese engineers trying to break into a blokey, Bathurst drenched European, beer-guzzling market. Just cannot la…

Your Aurion looks good on paper, yes. More powerful than Falcons and Commodores, yes. Super-template for souping up yes. But you FRONT WHEEL DRIVE leh… How to fight the Falcodores? Who wants to be left spinning their tyres in the dirt at the lights?

Simple physics my friend. Car moves forward, weight shifts backwards. Front wheel drive = LOSE your freaking grip. Whilst RWDs INCREASE their grip. The only way an Aurion can win a Falcodore in the rain is while driving in reverse. Man… I’m so frustrated.

I don’t know. I’m just 23, just finished my undergrad and completing my Masters soon. These engineers have probably spent 30-40 years of their lives thinking about these things. Maybe not. Maybe they’ve just taken the easy, most cost-efficient way out (inserting a V6 into an old drivetrain system). That way factory moulds and all can stay the same.

I don’t know. I just hope they find this blog and read it :P. I love Toyota (well, obviously I own one) that’s why I’m so frustrated! How can an 800kg Echo and an 1625kg (approx) Aurion have a similar FWD??? Sigh sigh…

And talking about hatches… I’m drooling over the Ford Focus and the Volkswagon Golfs (both the GTi and the R32). Man… They are like crazily powerful! Which means thirsty as well I guess… The R32 has a 3.2L V6engine! and the Ford Focus XR5 comes with turbo! Adui…

But meanwhile… I’m happy with this…

Heh heh… 😛

Oh yeah, one more thing before I go.
I’ve been consuming a lot of newspaper articles for my current assignment and one thing that irritates me so so much is how you need to click page 1 page 2 page 3 and then page 4. Why don’t they just list/load the whole article in ONE freaking long page!!! I guess most readers willl be turned off but then again you can read the first section of the article while waiting for the rest of to load don’t you think? Argggh…

I hope the editors/journos/sub-editors read this too! has options for articles to come out as a single page. They’re cool. 😛

Till next time!
God bless!


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ooo….i just checked out the aurion and it looks yummy! about commodores, apparently the driving on straight road is fine but steering is not good. not too sure tho…

Comment by Andrew Wong

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