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October 19th 2006
19 October, 2006, 11:56 am
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Sometimes the best titles are dates, don’t you think? It only appears once. So it’s both new and fresh at the same time.  You never have to reuse it again and it captures your thoughts for the day.

The assignment is so killing me. You know when you’ve got a quote in your head and you’re ready to put it in your assignment but you forgot which one of your 30/40 research articles/websites you’ve got it from? It is so frustrating! Unless of course you’re Miss/Mr Wonderful and you know exactly what to put in your assignment when you research and you reference it straight away. But then you end up just conglomerating quotes! Ah well ah well… Life goes on… I’ll find those authors!

We had a great time at the combined CG last night. We played Taboo! The highlight of the night was Ying and her (almost) all-girl team. It was the boys versus the girls you see. The girls were leading at the beginning of the game but the guys being sore losers guys pressed on and with brotherly love and support for each other, managed to scrape through haha.

Anyway, the word for Ying was supposed to be “cockney”. So she started off by saying “The opposite of hen”. So then everyone got “Rooster/cock”. Then she wanted to express the British meaning of the word so then after a whole fiesta of actions and words, they got “accent”. So Ying was so happy she said, “Yes, yes, its a type of accent”. Then someone blurted, “Cock-accent!”

I was laughing so hard lah… The whole room bursted out laughing like nobody’s business you know… Adui… so so funny… If you don’t get the joke, let me explain, cause for Singaporeans, they like to say you know, “You talk cock”, “Why you got so many cock actions wan?” And stuff like that… So it’s sort of like a rude word. So when “cock-accent” came about… man… the whole room (90% Singaporeans) bursted out man! I was almost in tears… Some more they are like almost all-girl group right… The guys were having such a field day man…

Ha… so funny…

Another overheard quotable quote from last night…
One guy says to another guy, “Your ball is crushing my leg”.

SO FUNNY!!! Man… What Nathaniel that guy actually meant was the exercise ball the other dude was sitting on. Sigh… so funny la…

But I’ve got like a sore throat from last night, its probably the pizzas… Oh well… And my blocked nose ain’t doing me any favours too… But its on with the assignments…

God bless!


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omgosh! SOOO funny lah, even reading it makes me laugh so hard…
cockney…buay tahan…
i was thinking alot the lines of cock-ster!
cock-accent…that was gd!!!
who said it?

gosh!! i found myself laughing to myself while walking to school thinking of it!! sheesh!

All the best for ur assignment, and i do know what u’re talking about. it sucks big time!!

Comment by Ashley

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