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Sydney’s Night Noodle Market…
22 October, 2006, 10:17 pm
Filed under: Sydney; Good Food Month

A few moons ago…
Amidst the assignments, the stress, the anxiety and the sore throat…

North Hyde Park, Sydney.

A complimentary (some say obligatory), step-right-in intro snap…

Queue queue…

It was amazing…

I got bored while waiting for our okonomiyaki…

The Sydney AMP Tower…

The Hyde Park fountain…

The lady… 😉

The infamous St. Mary’s Cathedral (I think)

The speed was incredible. The taste… forgettable.

And desert for the lady… 😉

The food was not as good as what we had expected. The crowd; more than I could dream for. Peaceful, upper middle class working adults all with one thing in mind. Food.

Amazing atmosphere… We want more!

God bless!

P.S. This might well be my faithful camera’s last outing with me. It has been a good 5 years with good ol’ Woody (as in Toy Story’s Woody). Coming in this week will be my new camera and I have to part with Woody. Woody has seen me through some tough times and of course, countless joyous occasions. Thanks for the pictures, Woody. Oh my goodness… I’m genuinely sad… Hope my dad’ll take good care of him. Kudos Woody!


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