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Australian International Motorshow 2006
2 November, 2006, 12:47 pm
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It was awesome!

10 pictures are posted here. More on my Flickr site when I get to uploading the 150+ photos. (But if you can’t wait, I’ve uploaded , but not sorted , about 50 so far hehe)

So here we go…

Ferrari 621 Scaglietti n SokLeng
SokLeng was there to make sure I didn’t try anything funny with the motorshow girls…

Maseratti's custom display glass fences
No, it’s not Zidane’s Maseratti but the car brand Maseratti…
Prices start from AUD300,000?

Project Pimp with Proton Gen 2!
I was proud yet shy with this. It’s a fully pimped Proton Gen 2. So what does it say? Malaysian engineers can’t come up with a concept car? They need to rely on fancy schmancy aftermarket mechanics? I don’t know…

Mazda's Concept Car
Mazda’s concept car. I think its named after the Japanese/Chinese word for ‘copper’.

I don’t know what brand this is but it looked nice, expensive and it was next to Mercedes Benz. Enlighten me?

Mercedes' CLS 63 AMG
All hail OPEC cuts…

Breathe... BREATHE!!!
Someone got to buy him a nose hair remover…

Saab's Aero X Concept Car
And undoubtedly the show stealer… The Saab Aero X. Its exhibition booth/garage was put all the way to the back too. Clever people. But its dashboard and speedometers were utterly disappointing. They didn’t bother to polish or bring in a new one… All looks no go I’m afraid.

Autobots vs. Decpticons?
And they closed the doors just for me… Well, sorta I think haha 😛 (Oh yeah, the doors closed when the guy in green pressed some buttons at the back of the Aero X! O_o)

Audi's R8
Yeah, most of the better cars had their own enclosure. You couldn’t feed them too…

It was crazily fun. I had a field day with my new camera, the lights were amazing, the salespeople friendly and the crowd civilized, well save a few schoolkids which no doubt sneaked in… (!!!) We spent about 3 hours there and it was such a great experience getting so near to cars that no one in particular owned! Hehe

Anyway, more photos on Flickr (when I get them uploaded and sorted).

God bless!


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Wow!! looks like im gg to miss a real gd exhibition!! BAH!! i hate exams….

Comment by Ashley

i want..
to go..

Comment by marv

Ash > lOl didn’t knw u were into cars? but then again, it was a really good exhibition regardless if you’re a car fan or not hehe

Marv > it closes this saturday dude. i would advise you to go on the friday or go EARLY saturday. the place is quite big and roomy… but still… you might not wanna be squashed and rushed hehe hope you make it!

Comment by K.Lo

i went to a car show once and had so much fun!!

Comment by Ashley

i’m gonna miss it when it comes to melbourne !!! >

Comment by enoch

hey erm.. is your flickr site up ?
“Oops! Looks like you followed a bad link.”
it don’t seem like it is.. ^^” ciaoz ~!

Comment by enoku

ohhh… okok…

it was supposed to be

will fix it… thx Nochie!

Comment by K.Lo

[…] was featured on the cover of the official magazine of the show, which I find really surprising. Last year, as you would remember, was the more unusual Saab Aero […]

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Comment by Grichjoj

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