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Hillsong Campus Dinner…
6 November, 2006, 10:41 pm
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Didn’t know about this dinner till like yesterday. Thought it was a farewell for a friend but it turned out our PowerHouse pastors wanted to treat us to a lil’ dinner. Us being people involved in the Uni ministry.

5 Photos will ensue to tease you to enter my Flickr site… 😉

Ze first pic of the nite… (Taken by JC)

One of my very good friends… After being ‘awarded’ 2006’s “Always-Late-For-Meetings” Award… So so funny!

There was probably a 70-30 ratio of boys to girls tonite…

Ash, Ming (farewell brother!), n me…

Another one of my good friends here in Sydney… SIGH! You’ll leave Sydney but you’ll never leave us bro!

Don’t forget to check my Flickr site for the other photos. Not very nice photos though but enough to tell the story I guess… I need other FREE photo sharing sites too… My Flickr’s like almost full (limits of a free account…). Should I start paying Flickr? Hmm hmm…

Till next time!
God bless!

P.S. On a personal note, been doing alright. Holidays tend to be like that :P. Just coping with my new manager at my workplace. She’s alright, quiet but all of us are getting used to a ‘boss’ after being managerless for a few months now. Oh well… She’s a full on Christian too… So we’ll see how that plays out when we attend the same church… 🙂


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Hey thanks for the pics!
How come all look so distorted?
U have a boss that goes to Hillsong?
Cool stuff

Comment by Ashley

i oso dunno… too sharp i think haha
but i think if u save it from my Flickr and view it on your com it should be ok… if u want the high res file, just email me la k?

All the best Ash!

Comment by K.Lo

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