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The weekend that was…
12 November, 2006, 7:47 pm
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Men’s conference, changes in work and an afternoon of Bleach.

Men’s conference was very impacting. I think it is one of the few conferences which I get a lot out from. Casey Treat, his honest demenanor, his real-life, practical ways in delivering the Word and values was just amazing to sit under. I’m getting the DVD pack, so if any of you want it, just get it from me (picking it up next Sunday).

Work… where do I even start? It’s been a crazy week. Changes in the store are imminent and already people are starting to feel it. I hope it turns out well… One of the few things in my life I don’t have the liberty to blog about… Darn…

And BLEACH! Haha This anime series have been serving me well during my “too free” times. I used to scoff at anime watchers but I’m beginning to see how it fits into the 18-25 age group of most of the audiences anime is made for. But I’m having weird dreams after watching Bleach so I might not pursue other anime series. That’s the other thing about anime I find that can have an effect on people… It (usually) starts off pretty normal and then gets darker and darker… My warning alarms are going off but I’ll just finish these few DVDs I guess haha πŸ˜›

Ah well… that’s pretty much it for today I guess. Oh yeah, was supposed to document what I learnt this weekend over Men’s Conference. But maybe another time…

Australian Idol Final 3 was just on and someone shoot me if Dean doesn’t win in the finals.

God bless!


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Comment by marv

BANKAI!! hahaha…glad we have another Bleach follower. yea…I don’t recommend watching too many different animes at the same time. But once u finish Bleach, and yes, it should be soon since there aren’t many episodes, start on naruto. πŸ™‚ That anime is pretty good.

Comment by Andrew Wong



Andrew > nah man… lOl dun think i wanna start another one… 😦 *puts on disciplined face* haha πŸ˜›

Comment by K.Lo

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