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Rest day…
16 November, 2006, 5:05 pm
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Today I rest in between two days of work.

Lunch with Erik was nice. Gai tod and rice at ThaiLaOng accompanied sincere heart-to-heart talk about what each of us are going through and a deeper conversation than what more structured meets would allow.

Coffee at Campos ensued and we checked out this new movie vending machine at Sydney Uni. Yup, people-less DVD renting. $2.95 per day though but still, it has most of the newest movies. Try it out!

Then came back and brushed up on my photography skills and etc. A dSLR is so versatile but it IS only as flexible as your topmost skills. Here are some test shoots with my new 28-135 mm Canon f/3.5-5.6 USM IS zoom lens…

View from my room window.

Named this picture, “Windy”. Got the tip from ‘Digital Camera World’ magazine. It’s the coldest day in November TODAY since 1905!!!


Yeah, I guess global warming (a.k.a. climate change) is getting to governments at last. I hope its not just a fad but there are so many people out there who are yet to be educated about it. In Australia right now, the first summer storms are already lashing out at Queensland, snow fell in Melbourne yesterday and the coldest day in the past 100 years in November is happening right now in Sydney. All these while the Blue Mountains’ firemen are battling bushfires! How bizarre is that? Its like what? Snow and fire at the same time?

Watched “Children of Men” two days ago and it got me thinking, what use is a uni degree, a great job and lots of money if the Earth can’t sustain life in the future anyway? Laughable isn’t it? And you see people struggling, trying to ‘get rich’ when the very thing that they are working towards is already dying…

It’s like fighting over space and posessions on an oil rig when the foundations of the rig are already falling away.

God bless!


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hey!!! erm….
wats *ZzzZzwanG!* ar ??
(as in the pic la ^^”

you think you’re cold
up there in sydney ar ?!
(come melb la =p ciao~!

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