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18 November, 2006, 11:52 pm
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Today was Saturday.

A long Saturday.

Woke up to help Andre move house. Four flight of stairs (x20?). Loads of laughs and of course dozens of boxes. From ‘Thomas the Tank Engineer’ boxes to ‘Messy-lenous’ to ‘Ginzu knives box’; we had so much fun interpreting what each box had in store. I had to bolt off early cause SokLeng and I were going on a date to Paddington ;). Hopefully, the rest of the guys didn’t miss me much. Felt bad leaving them but ah well… I did what I could I guess 😉

Paddington was awesome. Parking was a breeze but walking was a pain (I ripped a little skin on my left leg while helping Andre and Charis move). It was such a sunny day and everyone had their best on. If you just want to spend your Saturday beholding beauties and taking in charmers, GO TO PADDINGTON.

Rested a while after that then it was connect group outing night!!!

The three ladies in attendance tonight.

I like this shot. Thanx Ben!

Capture the moment!

Its funny, not one of us had coffee. Save SernLi, but he had decaf 😉

The best connect group I could ever ask for!

Sigh… I just love my connect group. I can’t help it. Its not like I get a power trip or whatever, its just so good to know that everyone of them is going to be someone in the future, or am already. And the privilege is all mine, actually, to serve and to invest my life into theirs. To see them smile and to share their ups and downs together. Like we’re in this together you know… They share my burdens too, and my joyous occasions too, and me in theirs otherwise. It’s like family…

Good night for now then…
God bless!


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