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What am I to do?
28 November, 2006, 12:49 pm
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Hmmm… So SokLeng and her mom’s in Melbourne now and they’ll be going to Tassie this week. That leaves me one week free to do anything I want… well, within reason of course.

Within reason.

I’ve been using these two words a lot lately. Besides the “OK, we’ve got that established already (what’s the next freaking step)” phrase.

What is “within reason” anyway? It varies doesn’t it?

I wanted to blog about something which I thought about yesterday but now I’ve forgotten. Darn… I think it has got something to do with buses and people again, but I forget.

Been looking a lot around for wide-angle lenses for my Canon 400D but obviously it’s not cheap (min. AUD1000 even on eBay); and I really need to see if I need an extra lens anyway. Or a flash? But the problem is the best flash (which of course EVERYONE wants – the Canon Speedlite 580EX – drools~~) is AUD700 but if I get the cheaper flashes, when (and when) I upgrade my 400D its (the flash) not gonna be as great isn’t it? That’s the dilemma, do I get accesories to fit my current camera or do I get accessories to fit the future… and beyond? Haha I don’t know… Any camera freaks wanna help me out? I know the decision is ultimately mine…

Oh well… there are other things to invest on besides my camera… That’s what makes the decision triply harder I guess… Looking to get a desktop too… You know, faster games, faster video editing, more USB ports, no overheating… Gah… Maybe I should get the AUD300 3-year desktop I saw at a friend’s new place today… I’ll try to get it down to AUD250 😉 EY? EY?

Again, I know the decision is mine and I need to realign all these things towards The Cause I guess. The spirit is semi willing but the flesh is indecisive…

Have a great week guys!
God bless!

P.S. Thinking of heading to Toys’R’Us on Thursday. Anyone in Sydney wanna come with me? 😉


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I love ToysRUs. I’m a toysRus kid!! 🙂

Comment by Nicktay

come fly with me…

Comment by K.Lo

lets fly , lets fly away..

Comment by marv

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