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I got shot.
30 November, 2006, 3:26 pm
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Imagine that! Imagine a bullet making contact with your body. Blood oozing out; you cold sweating and you using your finger to try to plug the bloody hole the bloody bullet made in you.

I think we are all desensitized to guns and bullets. I was thinking about getting shot yesterday at work; you know, if there were robbers coming in and all. Read about the latest Sydney crime stats here.  What if I got shot? Or knifed/stabbed? I’m pretty sure I would be soaked in cold sweat because of the pain and the fear. (Not to mention the blood stains not being able to wash off!!!) But what if there was no one around to get me to the hospital or whatever? Crazy thoughts I tell ya…

Oh, I saw this guy being wheeled into the ambulance today. I think he fell from a ladder or something. The warehouse he was working in had the typical two-three storey stacks of boxes and forklifts and all. Near Bondi Junction. He was wearing a neck-brace already and laying on the ER-style stretcher. Something I read this morning in Max Lucado’s “Next Door Saviour”; “…tragedy levels social topography…”. How true, how true…

Moving from Bondi Junction to Birkenhead Point; I could see the vast difference in social topography. Makes me so intrigued how society is subdivided into so many differing lives based solely on social status (and/or beauty). Or rather how one perceives oneself’s social status (and/or beauty).

Got some groceries from Bondi Junction too. Oh yeah, in Sydney, even the same supermarkets have different qualities of meat etc. in differing suburbs; again, based on economic prowess. It’s tried and true; everyone knows it but chooses (very hard) not to believe it.

Didn’t get to Toys’R’Us today 😦 Decided against it cause I figured if I went alone I’d look either like an over-enthuasistic Uncle looking for his niece/nephew’s Christmas presents or a plain paedophile. I’ll wait for SokLeng to come back… hehe 😛

Take care you beauty!
God bless!


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you should have just gone alone lah! Not everybody who shops alone in a toys store looks like a pedophile!

Comment by thereflector

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