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20 December, 2006, 5:01 pm
Filed under: Shopping


What a crazy day today! Rainy again of course… I love it! Managed to buy a few Christmas presents too!

I’d never thought of buying presents for people during Christmas or their birthdays. But I’ve come to realise that giving presents is quite an exciting experience. Its not just the smile you see on their faces or the (hopefully) presents you get back but its also the hush and the rush (together!) that makes it exciting.

You run around shopping malls (praying ever so hardly) that you don’t meet the person you’re buying the gift for. (*bump* Hey, what you getting bro? Ermm ermmm… nothing? hehe) And then the MAJOR MAJOR thinking of what gifts suit this person or that person. Whether they will like it or not yada yada yada…

And then it hit me… (somewhere between the Level 2 Charity Gift Wrapping Station and the Level 3 lingerie section)…
The next few days are gonna be the last few days I have to get those presents!!!
And the wrapping paper, and the cards… Man…

I wished I’d planned earlier. So many bargains on eBay and ShopBot and all the other fantastic online shopping sites… The thing with online stores is; you gotta wait… And I don’t feel like waiting 2 weeks to save like 20 dollars or something… It’s just so tempting to grab it in the shops! Don’t you feel that way?

Ah well… 3 presents down; dunno how many more to go… I’ve got a list… and checking it more than two times baby…

God bless!


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