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The one week between Christmas and New Year’s…
30 December, 2006, 12:21 pm
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So the magic of Christmas has come and gone and the alchohol drenched New Year’s will be upon us soon…

Need for Speed Carbon is quite a good game I must say. Very similar to Most Wanted and Underground 2 though. But there are a few new things in it! Like having a ‘crew’ and all. Its quite funny though; having positive reinforcements belted out you from a computer game. Can’t imagine how far they have come from; these NFS people…

Sorry for the lack of updates recently though; so much has been going on and running from one thing to another is definitely not a ‘leading-up’ event to blogging once you get home. My mind’s like everywhere most of the time… not good…

Till I get my mind sorted…
Happy New Year guys and girls!

God bless!

P.S. Headed out to Tamarama beach last night for our Youth event. It was quite good. I was telling SokLeng on the way back that staying over for summer in church is definitely pivotal to building solid relationships with the ‘core’ group of powerHouse. Its like everyone’s boiled down to only the core… Chatted with April for a bit and then here and there but it was good… Exceeded all my expectations! haha!


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eh kevin ‘born beautiful’ lo

till you get your mind sorted out,

happy new years!

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