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What are we made of?
9 January, 2007, 8:53 pm
Filed under: Amazed, Thoughts

As I was on my way home on the bus today, I had the honour of sharing it with a few of my fellow human beings. Being on the same bus with other humans made me think how far we have come as a living creature.

Each of us has emotions; has preferences; has their own perception of ‘cool’ and how we present ourselves and what may seem ‘nerdy’ to one person/group may be ‘ultra-cool’ to another person/group. And we tend to associate with groups who perceive us as cool and ‘normal’.

The city lights and the long straight road filled my eyes as I peered out the huge front window of the bus. My mind started to wonder to termites and ants and bacteria and all… Do they have bus drivers and ticketing machines too? You know like those old-school movies which make the micro macro? I don’t know.

I always thought that God was this huge giant and we are just one of His many ant farms…

We are humans; we have intellectual property and stockmarkets and eBay and yet we are so fragile… Ants…

Maybe its because I’m reading this 17th-century semi-biography about Lord Minimus by Nick Page. It’s quite good. It tells of the story of Jeffrey Hudson; an 18-inch tall man – according to ‘historical’ diaries. Quite believable… Jeffrey Hudson was in a few paintings of the King and Queen at that time and all… (They didn’t have SLRs back then…) it’s such a good book; brings me back to like 17th century England; where you know everyone is still self-sustaining and all… Where earning 45 pounds a year means you’re wealthy… Ahhh… I need to find a book club… 😛

Till the next observation!
God bless!


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