Life is better than death. Love; greater than either…

I feel the sun rising…
13 January, 2007, 9:41 pm
Filed under: Canon EOS 400D, dSLR, Pictures, Saturday

Conversations with God. They are interesting. Opens up your mind; refreshes your vision and definitely, lifts you up.

Anyway, got a new lens for my dSLR and *drum rolls* it is the…

Canon 50mm 1/1.8 II!

A test picture of course…

It is obviously a fast lens (f/1.8 man…) and great for night shots and all but it is a fixed length lens,  a prime lens they call it. (For the P&S [point and shoot] users, prime lens = absolutely NO zoom! The horror! haha). There’s so much to learn in SLR photography but; physics, terminology, software manipulation, technical data… I can see why people can just immerse themselves in it…

But ultimately of course what counts is the final product… The image that inspires, initiates thought, captures the moment and gives meaning to something…

Ahh… feel like floating off again… hehe I need to watch a movie soon!

Here’s to photographic expeditions beyond my room and my soft toys belongings…

God bless!


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wah.. cool..
“keyboard cover : please keep keyboard covered”

stripes are in yo!

Comment by marv


can c meh? 😛 u memorizer u 😛

hope u’re enjoying your holidays!!!
God bless Marbin!

Comment by K.Lo

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