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Sydney the 5th…
24 February, 2007, 1:10 am
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So I’m back in Sydney. My 5th year. It was a pretty bad day yesterday, emotionally… haven’t felt so alone for quite a long while. But then found out that SokLeng has made the most important decision in her life already and I felt more at ease… Cause now she has what I have… Ahhh…

But I thank God for my connect group members… They are really great friends first and foremostly and they probably minister to me more than I minister to them…

Finished up my car’s rego (road tax) today (did everything online!!! – Hoorah also to Malaysia’s online passport applications!) Then attended powerHouse tonight and people were so happy so see me! That made me happy too! lOl It was almost a full-house tonight and with the correct attitude and wisdom, we can only get better! What with Sydney Uni’s O-Week next Wed, Thurs and Fri and what we have in mind for Hillsong Campus! And what such change the church is undergoing! More to come in the near months I guess… Exciting exciting!

Anyway, more Holiday piccies in this post till I digest some of the things I’ve been mulling over over that period and etc… Hehe

The glorious Mount Kinabalu… remeasured last year…

SokLeng and me enjoying the cold mountain weather with unpictured friends haha 😛

Then it was over the sea to Pulau Manukan the next day… Valentine’s Eve…

Where we saw this and picked up a few hundred mozzie bites…

Then we skip to post Valentine’s… Japanese dinner with 4 great friends!!!

Then it was Chinese New Year… Bring on the year of the PIG! Woo-Huh!

We did manage a trip up to Kudat and the tip of Borneo on the 15th of Feb; pictures maybe later 😉

But for now…
Quote of the night…
“…live our lives with nothing to hide and nothing to prove…” (Catrina Hendersson, Hillsong 2007)

God bless!


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Hey! ur back in Syd!

Comment by Unpictured friend No. 1

yo yo!

Comment by Unpictured friend No. 2

hey did someone receive Christ? If so, congrats! 🙂

Comment by andrew wong

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