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USYD O-Week 2007!
3 March, 2007, 10:10 pm
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Wats up everybody!

Here’s another picture blog about what pretty much occupied most of my life the past week. Live O-Week, breath O-Week, eat (or lack thereof) O-Week and most of all… lugging heavy things around O-Week.

It has been a great week… The vibe around O-Week is just so good, so friendly, so different, so community-ish. You can pretty much rock up to anyone and start a conversation. Those waterguns were awesome too… haha 😉

1st Day of O-Week, 7.30am. Empty stalls, full of faith and free of sunburn.

Our recurring theme for the week. Pretty cool huh? Part of the “I Heart” revolution.

Thanks to the 4 of us; the stall’s all set up and ready to go! God is so faithful; we managed to pull it off not knowing who would help out but at the end, very faithful people turned up. It was amazing…

Bright blue skies were not indicative of the clouds that were gonna be pouring down a few hours later…

Ah yes… the very wet 2nd day of O-Week…

A group photo. (:P)

Waterguns bring the criminal out of people…

Thanks for this photo JC! 😉

Nydia enjoying the XBox… We are due for a rematch 😉

None other than the native blue-tongued lizard…

We had rappers in on stage as well! Thanks Gemma, Purified, The Testimony and MC Mesaj. Check out their MySpace.

With O-Week winding down, we chose to head off for coffee to do the same. Over a very interesting game I must say… Loads of fun and laughter…

Great company and awesome place! FairTrade in Glebe.

That’s all for now I guess, folks. I guess its gonna be my last O-Week of my life but we’ll never know. Haha I am hopeful aren’t I?

Just found out that there’s this thing called visceral fat and its different from subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat (VF) is usually physically hard compared to subcutaneous fat (SF) (around the belly) and VF binds itself to the organs as opposed to SF’s binding to the skin.

Thing is I think I have lots of VF. And research shows that it leads to diabetes, heart problems and liver problems. I guess I’m kinda fortunate in having ‘detected’ it earlier. Contributing factors include beer and smoking; none of which I am a real fan of so I’m contributing it to my food before sleep pattern; and of course a general lack of exercise in this modern age.

So there… Now I (and you) know… Now to put things into place… 😉

God bless!


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