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An update.
15 March, 2007, 10:22 am
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Hey-lo peeps!

Saw a website ‘seminar’ yesterday through some windows and on the projector screen was “How To Keep Your Website Interesting” or something like that. And on number 3 was “Update It Constantly”. hehe so I guess here’s my bid to keep my website ‘interesting’.

Time passed slowly at the beginning of the week but I’m actually surprised its Thursday already. Ah well… Rented “Thank You For Smoking”; gonna watch it now actually… Should’ve watched it last night but I forgot… Like how can you forget right? Must be that darn computer game… hehe

Ah well… piccies from this week to delight yourself in…

BBQ~! At “The Spot”. Tuesdays 1-2pm at Sydney Uni’s Sunken Lawns; just next to Manning. It was raining on and off but we proceeded anyway! hehe

We didn’t do it on the grass. Thought you know, the tree would shelter us and all… 😉

What’s an event without good-looking girls? 😉

Christ at work…

God bless y’all!

P.S. Album recording this Sunday! One of the few events in my life I actually look forward to… hehe 😛


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yupz update constanly and ppl will be sure to come. : )

Comment by Kelvin

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