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Album recording!
19 March, 2007, 12:26 pm
Filed under: Global warming, Hillsong

Woo-Huh! The Hillsong live album recording ’07 has forged on last night… As the familiar setup of the ‘Hillsong’ stage greeted us, memories flooded back from where I can only watch the recording on VCDs and listen to the songs on cassette. Life since my teenage years have not been the same and all sorts of things have creeped into my mind since those days.

Different too is my relationship with God now. Maturity is attainable; not only is it attainable, its really necessary. We cannot expect to not grow up and depend on God more when life comes on too hard on you. When things crumble and you realise that the cocoon your family has provided for you is transforming you into something beautiful.

And danger lurks.

Ah… such inspiration music brings. But I had to leave halfway to help out with Kids. That’s maturity is it not? When you bring in to something/someone you love something of yourself. You do not only take but you give back. Such is the journey when we grow up and give back to the people who have spent so much time and effort in cocooning us… We mature.

‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and ‘The Departed’ beckoned this morning when I woke. Having two very American based movies bombarding my mind as I was waking up is quite a daunting thing to do. haha 😛 Oh well, both were very well made and Al Gore’s clarity and fluency in his words were admirable. Well, him being a politician and all is given.

Another thing I’m thinking of as I was watching ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is that the way Al Gore has shaped his entire life on a cause. A cause that is noble, reaching the future generations and selfless. He is also encouraging us to understand the facts and do something to ‘influence’ ‘policies’. I think as Christians, we have to be very careful here.

I think Al Gore is treating the symptoms and not the root of the problem. And that doesn’t do much good to the body as a whole. You can treat the bedsores and open wounds from cancer but if you only do that, the cancer won’t go away. If we are not careful, we may jump on ANY political/moral/’noble’ bandwagon and forget that at the end of it all humanity needs a Saviour…

I think they had a recent survey in the US and something like only 40% of Americans think there’s a problem with the way the Earth is deteriorating and all. Like how thick can you get seriously? But that is just a symptom. The attacks of the enemy are so evident in the lives of people. The ‘bling’… the jealousy, the greed, the lust… Isn’t that what’s driving human beings to their extinction? The answer is yes it is.

I’m all for keeping our grasses green, our Earth livable and the icebergs not to break but at the end of they day… if we address the symptoms only and not the root of the problem, all we’re gonna see is just another problem cropping up somewhere else…

God bless!
P.S. ‘The Departed’ was pretty good! If you liked “Mou Gan Dou”; you would probably appreciate ‘The Departed’. It has a few similar scenes to ‘MGD’ but other than that, is most probably a different movie-watching experience altogether.


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