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21 March, 2007, 9:44 pm
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Today has been filled with lots of words. Both spoken, unspoken, written and unwritten. The more I grow up the more I feel that the synapses between by brains are becoming more and more hardwired. To the point of that I feel that it cannot possibly budge from the wired thought patterns and mind frames that play in mind everytime a conflict comes up anymore.

But the thing with humans is, as discussed with a colleague today, as people get older they get more stubborn. They do not see that they are wrong when they obviously are and wise choices to them may seem completely foolish and nonsensical (this is possibly self-referential). I don’t know; I would like to think that my thought patterns are conditioned to give the optimum results; heck those leadership books and principles ain’t in my head for nothing.

Connect Group today was pretty much like that. I acknowledge that books and principles can only go where books and principles can go but the truth of the Word is the truth of the Word. I am all for liberal discussion, two-way communications and healthy debate but sometimes the truth of the Word has to be laid down and thought patterns have to be altered.

We were talking about good and bad seasons in life and I was saying that God never intends ‘bad seasons’ in our life per se. After all, He has plans to prosper us and never to harm us. I feel very strongly that sometimes we live a watered down version of Christianity and wonder why miracles don’t happen to us. Without faith, you cannot please God. Easy. Jesus couldn’t do miracles in His hometown cause they lacked faith. They saw Him as their local furniture maker. We see Him as local furniture maker. We do not renew our mind. We box God in.

That’s where the miracles stop.

I pray that we never let complacency in into our hearts so much so that God becomes our ‘local furniture maker’. Someone we pray to over meals and sing songs about. A focal point for the men to be good. A ‘common cause’ so that 20,000 people gathering can get endorphins running in their veins. So that they can ‘feel good’ and go home to live ‘nice’ lives.


God is the lion of Judah. Roaring and powerful. Standing tall, chest out… We seek His will…  We do His bidding… We convene, converse, be consumed by Him… He keeps us on our toes… He needs us to renew our mind… constantly.


God bless!


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Unless you are born with a heart and purpose as great as Jesus then how could you understand someone if you did not know anger, fear, pain or loss. Wisdom comes to humans through experience. Are you trying to say God did not intend it!

Comment by Mary .G.

Hi Mary I don’t really know which angle you’re trying to take but I’ll try to reply.

The thing is, God never intended “anger, fear, pain or loss” for you and me, Mary G. Every single one of us is born with a heart and purpose as great (if not greater) than Jesus…

It’s whether we obey or not that results in fulfilling our destiny or not.

Hope that helped you, Mary.
Cheers! 🙂

Comment by K.Lo

Very much encouraged by what you said! To experience miracle, we must first experience God. He doesn’t call Himself the LIGHT of the world for nothing! =)

Comment by Hannah L.

Glad you found this encouraging LFL! 🙂

You are right. We must always experience God in wholeness, not a watered-down, boxed-in version.

Rock on LFL!
God bless!

Comment by K.Lo

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