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His faithfulness…
24 March, 2007, 1:26 am
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It’s hard not to blog about your own life.

You can observe other people and their daily on-goings and the words that they speak and the way they walk and the way they twitch and avoid eye contact when something uncomfortable pops up. You can categorize them, Type-A personality, melancholic, quiet but strong and sometimes, plain crazy. But you can’t dive into their minds. Even when they ‘spill their heart out’ you probably get only the refined and (relatively) ‘good-er’ bits.

But you know your own mind. You know the thoughts and words that form in your mind. There’s a filter between your mind and your mouth. Well, at least I do. Sometimes.

You are the ‘most learned man (or woman and everything in between) of your life’ in the subject of yourself (from Michel de Montaigne). That’s why I guess, it’s hard not to blog about your words, your sights, your smells, your likes, your dislikes, your thoughts, your life, your God.

I heard good reports of two things today. Two things that made me wonder why is God still so faithful when I am not? As I was worshiping earlier tonight at PowerHouse, this first thing filled my mind with so much joy and awe that words, in all honesty fail to describe. I had resorted to pushing my foot all the way down on this situation until I had only skimmed the surface in prayer (as opposed to letting my foot off the pedal and praying day and night about it). I admit that others might have been praying as well but it is only but a mystery to me that the situation turned out this way, a good way. So I’m learning to let my foot off the pedal…

The second thing I didn’t know till after PowerHouse and it too nearly brought me to tears. The power of prayer has been so evident in my life these past few months. Now I know how parents feel like when they see their children grow and mature and live out certain principles and beliefs that are relatively new to them (the children). It’s like seeing your children riding the bike or swimming for the first time. A shout of “Look Ma, no hands!”

I am just in such awe of His faithfulness right now and I never want to take it for granted. Another thing that struck me tonight was that I do not want to also hit rock-bottom till I realise that God is there for me. He is there, in the good times… and the bad. We often miss Him when we’re drunkful of the good times… It’s just human nature isn’t it? To claim the glory and forget the source, The Glorious…

But He is always faithful, always there to pick us up when we hit the lowest of lows… Amazing isn’t it? How fast we forget His goodness? We exhaust ourselves with our own menial thinking and reasoning and fall in a heap. And whisper a meek, “God help me…” But the thing is He usually hears the squeak and rushes in like a wind and blows life into the situation…

Are you exhausted? At the end of the rope? Hit the brick wall? Spinning in circles?

Try taking your foot off the pedal…

God bless!


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